Roll Up Garage Doors

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We have many options when it comes to roll up garage doors. There are multiple uses, finishes, materials and customization options.

Roll up garage doors are galvanized steel doors that are manufactured into rolled formed slats that interconnect with each other to form a door curtain that rolls up into a coil above interior or exterior building openings. They provide superior security and protection from unauthorized entry and environmental concerns. Extremely rugged and durable, they are designed to perform much longer than standard garage doors

Roll Up Garage Doors

Our standard coiling service door is anything but standard. As the rolling door industry leader, we manufacture Roll Up Garage Doors with the quality craftsmanship. Every rolling door is custom built to meet your exact specifications. Our coiling door design means the overhead door will roll upward and store in a tight coil above the door opening. This reduces the use of interior space, freeing up overhead space, light flow and is more aesthetically pleasing. The rugged quality craftsmanship assures a long lifespan, lowering the overall cost of ownership. Our standard overhead doors are engineered for daily use and made to withstand 50,000 cycles. 


Because every Roll Up Garage Door is custom made, our team has solutions for any hard-to-fit openings or unique challenges. We offer several gauges of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. In addition, there are many different rolling door finishes.

Our own exclusive galvanize base coat treatment makes our overhead coil doors the longest lasting. Available in four stock colors, this two-step baked on garaged door finish alone ensures rolling door longevity. For a more colorful option, you can add any one of our 180 stock powder coat garaged door colors. We also have the ability to custom mix a color for your roll up garage door to meet any specific needs. For the most custom selection, we can add vinyl graphics to your overhead door with a company logo, image or even photo.


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Roll Up Garage Door with Preforated Slat

In addition to the several Roll Up Garage Door finish and material choices, our overhead doors also have many available door options. The individual slats and can be punched to create an open curtain design. This allows for ventilation, visibility or even windows while still maintaining security. Our one way or two way rolling door Vision Windows improve aesthetics and visibility. For ultimate overhead door visibility, our ScreenGard steel roll up garage doors provide approximately 22% open space. For unique rolling door installations, our high cycle springs can upgrade a Roll Up Garage Door to withstand 100,000 cycles. Our specialized team can even specifically design your roll up garage door for precise wind loads or seismic performance.


For the ultimate overhead coiling door upgrades, you might look at our other door models. Our Thermiser insulated rolling door provides solutions where maintaining different temperatures on each side of the door are necessary. For ultimate overhead door climate control and energy efficiency, our Thermiser Max insulated rolling doors decrease air infiltration by 94%. Our insulated doors also provide the added benefit of sound reduction. In high use areas, our Extreme 300 series high performance rolling door provides not only a high speed roll up door, but high cycles meaning no down time while also providing high energy efficiency. If that isn’t enough, our 1024 high performance rolling door provides the fastest rolling door speeds for a door that also runs for 1,000,000 maintenance free cycles and sealing your building for maximum energy savings. In situations where a fire or smoke barrier is needed, our rolling fire doors are the perfect solution. Rolling steel fire doors create structural separations to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. 

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