Rolling Door and Grille Installation Video Gallery

SmokeShield™ Elevator Install Demonstration

Step by step instructions for installing our SmokeShield™ Elevator smoke curtain. SmokeShield makes it possible to eliminate the IBC Elevator lobby requirement

MicroCoil guide trim removal and re-installation

See how to safely remove and re-install the guide trim on our MicroCoil Compact Security Grilles

How to Install Cornell Rolling Doors that are Over 16 feet wide

This video will show you how to prepare and install large Cornell service and insulated doors (over 16' wide).

How to Install Cornell Service and Insulated Doors

This video walks through the mechanical installation of a Cornell insulated door from start to finish. The same techniques are used for non-insulated service doors.

Extreme 1024 Door Installation Video

Step by step instructions on how to install the newly enhanced Extreme Performance 1024 Door.

Extreme 300 Series High Performance Door Installation

A detailed video on installing our latest high performance product – Cornell's Extreme 300 Series Performance Door! Fast speeds, no maintenance springless design and build to last.

SmokeShield™ Elevator Install Instructions

Installation demonstration for installing the SmokeShield Elevator smoke curtain

StormDefender Slat Assembly

See how easy it is to assemble the StormDefender's slats and lock them in place.

StormDefender Safe Room Door Guide Installation

Detailed installation video of our StormDefender's safe room door's guides

Extreme 300 Series MicroCoil Grille Installation

Details on how to install our MicroCoil Compact Grille.

Apex Smart Controller Video Gallery

Improve High Performance Door Open Speed

You can improve your high performance overhead door's opening speed by adjusting the ramp area with your Apex Smart Controller. This video shows you how.

Entrapment Error on the Apex Smart Controller

This short video explains what an entrapment error on your Apex Smart Controller means and why it would show up on your display panel

Extreme 300 Series Door Commissioning

Setting up your Apex Smart Controller for your high performance door is easy and quick. Watch as we walk you through the steps.

Motor and Accessories Installation Video Gallery

How to Connect Multiple 3 Button Stations

Learn how to connect multiple 3 button stations to an AlarmGard, FireGard, MG or SG Operator.

How to Connect One 3 Button Station

Watch how to connect a 3 button station to an AlarmGard, FireGard, MG or SG Operator.

SG Operator - Quick Start Guide

A quick start guide for the SG Operator.

SG Operator - How to Connect a Photo Eye & Sensing Edge

How to connect a photo eye and sensing edge to an SG Operator.

MG Operator - How to Connect a Photo Eye & Sensing Edge

How to connect a photo eye and sensing edge to an MG Operator.

Hand Chain Replacement

This video walks you through the chain hoist replacement process.

AlarmGard Tube Motor Installation

Cornell's AlarmGard® Tube Motor is concealed in the shaft assembly, making them ideal for openings with tight clearances. This video covers the installation procedure.

Extreme 300 Series Light Curtain Installation

Detailed instructions on installing the light curtain for any 300 series high performance product.