Side-Folding Security Grilles

Side folding security grilles are effective barriers that deliver a range of benefits. These sliding grilles are highly customizable and suited for spaces with large widths and a range of ceiling heights to meet the demands of your space.



What Is a Side-Folding Security Grille?

A side-folding security grille is a solid or lattice-shaped partition that folds to the side to open and extends flat across the doorway to close. 

Side-folding security grilles and partitions offer an appealing blend of advantages. Their sturdy, durable construction provides added safety and security for rooms, storefronts, and inventory. Their lightweight construction also makes them easy to use as room dividers or storefront protection. In many cases, their open framework allows ideal visibility — people can see into stores and look at the products — while still providing vital security.

Side-folding doors and other horizontal coiling grilles often have different constructions depending on their intended use. A security grille designed to protect a storefront in a mall or other shopping area will likely contain light, strong anodized aluminum panels for strength and durability. A partition intended to divide a room for privacy and soundproofing may have folding plastic panels. 

Customizable Side-Folding Security Grilles

All of our folding security grilles are made to order, with options to help you gain added flexibility and dependable security, including:

  • Security grilles: We manufacture multiple side folding security grilles for use in storefronts, public transit centers, food courts, lobbies and many other public spaces. These grilles offer attractive protection, and you can enhance yours with custom etching of your logo or preferred design.

VistaPane™ Side-Folding Security Grilles

VistaPane™ side-folding security grilles deliver a high level of security while maintaining excellent visibility and airflow. These folding security grilles feature a paneled design with multiple styles available to match your preferences, including solid, slotted, perforated, and transparent panels made from aluminum, steel, tempered glass, or shatter-resistant Lexan. VistaPane™ side-folding security grilles come with several customization options, including a heavy-duty steel pocket door for concealment when stored.

GlideGard™ Side-Folding Security Grilles

With heavy-duty construction and optional link spacing ranging from 3 inches to 12 inches wide, GlideGard™ side-folding security grilles offer maximum ventilation and dependable protection. GlideGard™ folding security grilles come in both brick and straight patterns on individual panels connected by full-height hinge members that have concealed rods for added protection. These security grilles are available with clear anodized rods, and additional customization options are available by request.

VisionGlide™ Side-Folding Security Grilles

VisionGlide™ is the ideal traffic barrier for spaces with limited structural support. These side-folding security grilles are made using clear-anodized aluminum rods that provide an attractive divider for public areas while maintaining maximum visibility and airflow. VisionGlide™ side-folding security grilles are lightweight and suited for floor-to-ceiling applications or over countertops. These grilles have an aluminum finish, can run along curved tracks, and come in straight or brick patterns to fit your space.


Order a Side-Folding Security Grille From Cornell

At Cornell, we make it easy to order folding security grilles in the size and style you need with the custom options and upgrades you want. Request a free quote online or  locate a Cornell dealer near you to view our products. For more information, message us online or call (800) 233-8366.

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