High-Security Door Solutions for Government

Government operations and municipalities such as law enforcement headquarters, government warehouses, and parking stations all require superior levels of continuous security. Whether you run a federal, state, or local operation, the doors should be reliable and efficient day and night. 

If the old doors on your building aren't providing the protection they should, upgrading them to high-security doors for government facilities is a smart investment. Find out how installing the right security doors can provide a variety of benefits, including enhanced safety and durability.

High-Security Doors for Every Need

No matter the operation, government facilities should always be fitted with the best security measures. High-security industrial overhead doors can meet the needs of many government operations. 

For Law Enforcement

For Law Enforcement

Members of law enforcement face risks every day, so safety and security are crucial components of any law enforcement facility. High-security industrial overhead doors provide long-lasting security with the speed and reliability needed for members of law enforcement to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. 

For Government Warehouses and Distribution Centers

When it comes to storing and moving products, government warehouse operations need security doors that offer peace of mind. People and products need to be kept safe, and the ability to quickly move and maintain on-time delivery rates and product control is important. Doors need to accommodate the traffic flow and required safety measures to keep all government warehouse and distribution operations secure and on the right track.

For Government Parking

Parking for government vehicles requires more security than the average parking garage. Properly controlled traffic flow, efficiency, and safety are key. The right industrial overhead doors will withstand wear and tear and provide proper ventilation if needed without sacrificing the amount of security they provide. 

Different Types of High-Security Doors

Many different kinds of security doors are available to meet the needs of any government facility. 

High-Performance Doors

Industrial-grade rolling doors provide excellent speed with an opening and closing rate of 24 inches per second thanks to their direct drive systems. These doors also help to minimize air exchange by sealing the opening to help facilitate energy savings. They also offer the option of one-way or two-way vision windows.

Take a look at the styles available for your next government building security door upgrade:

  • Extreme 300 Series: These rolling doors are designed for smooth opening and closing, so they’re suitable for parking garages and other applications. Boasting a minimum of 300,000 operating cycles, these doors are meant to last with minimal wear and tear on the doors and operating systems. There are no chains to replace thanks to the compact and springless design, making them a low-maintenance option for security and durability. 
  • Extreme 1024 Series: These heavy-duty doors are ideal for fire stations or other areas that experience emergency situations regularly. With the ability to exceed over 1,000,000 operating cycles, the doors in this series have a low lifetime cost compared to other rollup doors available on the market. They are compatible with nearly all activation systems, making them a versatile choice.
  • EntryDefender®: This award-winning door guards government buildings against attacks for 5, 15 and 60 minutes to comply with federal regulations. It’s the only rolling door in the nation that is in accordance with the U.S. Department of State Standard for forced entry (SD-STD-01.01). EntryDefender provides design flexibility for architects, and is made of durable steel with interlocking slats that create a smooth surface when the door is closed. During a break-in, the slats engage and reduce potential entry points within the gaps. The door also has a locking mechanism and reinforced bottom bar that prevents anyone from lifting it.

High-Performance Grilles

When security and visibility are a must, high-performance security doors are the answer. They operate for a minimum of 300,000 cycles and typically need little maintenance beyond daily checks. With fast operation time and extreme durability, these security grilles will deliver the security and functionality that your government facilities need:

  • MicroCoil Compact Headroom Grille: This grille uses a much smaller coil than typical grille security doors. With this reduction in coil size, this security grille offers 50% less headroom than its competitors. It's compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for van accessibility. It's available in a variety of patterns and finishes, including stainless steel, aluminum mill, and clear anodized material to suit any style preference. 
  • Extreme 300 Series High-Performance Grille: When speed is a necessity, these high-performance grilles are reliable and secure. These high-performance rolling grilles operate three times faster than competing overhead grilles. Opening at a rate of approximately 24 inches per second and closing at around 12 inches per second, these grilles do not waste any time. The compact operating system features a variable-frequency drive, which limits wear and tear on the door and mechanisms.

Customized High-Security Rolling Doors

Doors are not one-size-fits-all. Different government facilities require different features. That's why custom rolling overhead doors are the ideal solution for maximum security and efficiency. They're available with a wide range of accessories, so you can rest assured that these custom rolling security doors will help improve daily operations. 

Customize your security doors with these performance upgrade options:

  • Annunciators
  • Battery backup devices
  • CycleShield powder coating
  • Firefly & Firefly BB release devices
  • High cycle construction
  • High cycle springs
  • Manual release systems
  • Seismic performance validation

You can also choose damage prevention options like these:

  • Heavy-duty bottom bars (HBB)
  • RapidResponse
  • Roller door protectors (RDP)

Other popular upgrades include:

  • Chain diverters
  • Countertop shutter closures
  • Custom slats
  • Entrapment protection devices
  • Fixed panels
  • Guide-mounted interlocks
  • Hood and operator covers 
  • Multi-height units 
  • Pass doors

No matter the size, style, or material your building requires, our inventory offers a huge selection of materials and 180 RAL colors to personalize your security solutions even further. All customized high-performance closures feature:

  • Easy installation and operation
  • Plug-and-play wiring
  • LCD screen displays
  • Compact designs

Find Your High-Security Door Solutions at Cornell

Find Your High-Security Door Solutions at Cornell

Cornell has been providing the United States with superior-quality security products for more than a century. Our top priority is providing all of our customers with products that are nothing short of reliable and dependable. All of our security closure solutions are designed with safety and functionality in mind. Whether you need doors that will provide more insulation and climate control or you need something that's extra speedy and durable, we have high-security doors for every government application.

If it's time to upgrade your high-security doors, be sure to invest in the best. Contact Cornell today to see what options are right for you. 

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