Max Protection Doors

In severe conditions, you need a door that provides serious protection. Our Max Protection Doors provide extra security from natural or man-made threats.

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Defender Series and Maximum Protection Rolling Doors


The StormDefender® Door by Cornell is designed specifically with life safety in mind for safe room protection against tornadoes and hurricanes.

The EntryDefender® Door is designed to protect government buildings and other sensitive structures from attack for 5, 15 and 60 minutes.

The StoreDefender™ Door provides better protection for retailers in uncertain times.


The Wind-Master rolling door is configured to offer an operational wind-load of up to 20 PSF. It is available in a service door and insulated door version.

Doors Designed for Maximum Protection

Cornell maximum protection doors stand up to extreme forces, offering superior resistance to extreme wind loads and reliable defense against mob-style attacks. We manufacture custom closures offering protection against winds from the most severe storms, including tornadoes and hurricanes, and a level of security unmatched by traditional rolling doors.

These hurricane security shutters are suited for a wide range of commercial, industrial and government applications, including:

  • Administrative buildings
  • Safe rooms and shelters
  • Schools and public buildings
  • Secure and sensitive structures
  • Anywhere you want advanced protection

Advanced Security and Protection

Keep people safe and your commercial property protected with doors rated for reliable protection under the most extreme conditions. Prepare for the next hurricane, withstand a heavy windstorm and stop the most determined criminals in their tracks with our security lines, including:

  • StormDefender® doors: When the winds pick up, seal any opening with Cornell StormDefender security and storm doors, shutter-style closures designed to remain invisible until activated. With these doors, you can create a safe room anywhere, such as a cafeteria, gymnasium or any area offering enough room and protection for everyone. All our StormDefender doors are ICC 500/FEMA 361 rated for dependability in the event of a hurricane or tornado, with fire-rated models available. 
  • Wind-Master® doors: Cornell Wind-Master rolling service doors operate under wind loads up to 20PSF — over 85 mph — for reliable performance under intense weather conditions. These doors are suited for virtually any commercial or industrial application, with insulated models available to reduce sound transfer and improve climate control. 
  • EntryDefender® doors: The EntryDefender security door provides the highest level of safety during a hurricane or sustained mob-style assault. These doors meet the Department of State standards to resist forced entry for five to 60 minutes of continuous attack, depending on the model. EntryDefender doors also feature unparalleled wind resistance, rated to withstand sustained winds up to 125 PSF, or in excess of 200mph. 


"We are very pleased with the performance of the Cornell doors. Throughout the area, doors are blown out everywhere and the building we just moved from was destroyed. Here, our $2.3 million of inventory was saved. Being satisfied with the Cornell doors is an understatement!"



The Benefits of Hurricane Rated Storm and Security Doors

Installing Cornell max-protection doors in your facility guards your investment, and gives everyone inside your business the peace of mind that comes with knowing they're protected. Our rolling doors offer benefits wherever they're installed, including:

  • Reliability: We manufacture hurricane-rated roll-up doors that are made to last, with closures made for high-cycle and low maintenance operation.
  • Customization: Our doors are customized, built for a precision fit with material and color options for matching a business or organization.
  • Security: These commercial hurricane shutters feature a roll-up design, using interlocking slats made from durable metals for dependability in hurricane-force winds. 

Additional Options and Accessories

Cornell is your source for creating the closure system you need in the style you want — with all the parts necessary to keep your doors working their best. Depending on your selection, your roll-up shutter or door may be available in different base materials. StormDefender and EntryDefender doors are made using 12 gauge, 4-inch shutters, while you can order Wind-Master doors made from steel or stainless steel. 

Improve your configuration with battery backups, hood and operator covers, alarms and many other accessories. We make it easy to match your brand or color-code your service doors with optional SpectraShield™ and AtmoShield™ powder coating, offering over 180 available colors. For door operation, you can choose from manual, motorized and fire-operated door operating systems for your preferred style of control. 

Protect Your Facility Against Natural & Man-Made Threats Today

Whether prepping for a hurricane or fortifying a facility against an attack, Cornell is your solution for durable roll-up security shutters and doors made for an accurate fit. Request your free quote today, or visit a local dealer to learn more about how our products can give you maximum protection.