Roll-Up Door Installation

Cornell roll-up doors come in various styles and designs suitable for installation in a range of different commercial buildings. Each door is custom-made for an exact fit in your structure. When your products are ready, we recommend professional roll-up door installation to ensure your door is safe, fits properly, operates as designed and looks exactly as it should.


Our Roll-Up Garage Door Installation Process

The process for roll-up door installation varies. Installers will even make adjustments on-site based on the door size, design and building layout to accommodate any unique requirements. Steps may also vary depending on whether your door is part of a retrofit or new building. Before getting to work on your Cornell roll-up door installation, your installer will let you know what you can expect and how long it will take.

In most cases, professional roll-up garage door installation for Cornell products will include:

  • Area preparation. Site preparation is essential for precise installation. Cornell installers perform detailed inspections and remove anything that could interfere with their work. 
  • Drawing review. Next, installers review the drawings and specifications as a final check to ensure your door is built to the exact building specifications necessary for a precise fit.
  • Component preparation. Before working on the install, Cornell professional technicians will check each component off the inventory list and lay it out for fast installation.
  • Door installation. Cornell professional technicians follow our exact manufacturer-recommended steps during installation, regardless of the model number or door location.
  • Operations check. Once the installation is complete, your technician will cycle the door for calibration purposes and to ensure function. They will then train you in proper rolling door use.
  • Site cleanup. Once you are familiar with using your door, your technician will inspect and clean the work site to remove all debris and leftover materials.

The Benefits of Professional Cornell Roll-Up Door Installation

Cornell rolling doors, grilles and shutters are perfect additions for new construction projects and older buildings you want to bring up to code. While our doors offer incredible benefits for any business, they are most effective when installed by professionals familiar with our products and processes. Steel roll-up door installation by a Cornell technician ensures your doors work as designed and delivers multiple benefits, including:

  • Training. Cornell installers know all about our parts, products and how they go together.
  • Safety. With professional installation, you can rest assured your rolling doors are safe to use.
  • Warranties. Professional installation helps ensure your products remain covered by any warranties.

Locate a Dealer for Roll-Up Garage Door Installation

If you're ready to start designing your custom rolling door, locate the Cornell dealer nearest you. Your local dealer can show you more included and optional features you can get with our products and help you select the correct door for your application. They can also assist you in creating blueprint designs and guide you through the complete installation process.

To look at the steps included in professional roll-up door installation or download a roll-up garage door installation manual, view our complete collection. If you're looking for more information or would like to get a quote, fill out our contact form to connect with our team.