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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about a product? No need to worry! Our architects have answered the top 10 most-asked questions. Still have a question that wasn't answered here? Go over to our contact page and ask away. We're eager to help! Need help with sectional?

Q. What if I don’t know what product to specify?

A. Our Architect Design Support team can help advise on the best product for the application, or even design something custom if what you need doesn’t yet exist.  You can contact them here.

Q. Do I need steel supports at the header?

A. No! The guides of the rolling door support the weight of the header.  Check out our in-depth blog on this here.

Q. I need a door to cover a large opening that’s not shown on your data sheets.  Can you help?

A. We sure can! We make doors larger than our standard sizes all the time – we can even make larger rated doors than you see on our sheets.  Contact our Architectural Design Support team. 

Q. Do you provide fire doors with hour ratings?

A. Yes – we have doors that are UL listed for fire protection ratings of ¾, 1 ½, 3 and 4 hours.

Q. Do your standard colors have a direct RAL equivalent?

A. No – our standard GalvaNex colors are unique.  You can request samples here.  We also offer more than 180 RAL colors from which to choose.  You can request a color chip chart to see our total offering here.

Q. What is the approximate weight of a door?

A. That is a tricky question, because it greatly varies based on door type and size.  A standard 10X10 22 ga. Steel service door weighs about 600 lbs.  

Q. Do you do seismic? Wind load?

A. Absolutely.  You can get seismic ratings for our doors, and our doors can withstand 20 PSF wind load as a standard.  You can also get specialized construction for higher PSF wind load as well as operational wind load on some of our products

Q. I always specify operational wind load.  Is that ok?

A. Not always.  If you are specifying operational wind load, you need to make sure that the rest of the building can handle the wind forces – not just the door.  Check out our blog, What is Garage Door Wind Load and Why Do I Need It? for more information on wind load.  

Q. Can anyone help me with specs or drawings?

A. Of course!  We have an entire team dedicated to supporting architects.  We will even create a custom spec and detailed drawings for you to drop right into your project.  Just contact them today. 

Q. Who do I contact if I want to order a door immediately?

A. If you need a door immediately, we have you covered.  Just find one of our nationwide dealers by putting your zip code in here.