Security Grilles

Security Grilles provide security against unwanted entry while still providing visibility and air flow. Manufactured with 5/16” solid aluminum rods with various-sized chain constructed of eyeletted aluminum is spaced at customized intervals. They coil above openings typically in schools, malls, healthcare settings and more. Openings between the aluminum spacers can be set at different opening sizes to meet the security needs of the installation.

Rolling Grille Options

Looking for high speed or high cycle grilles? Check out our High-Performance Products.


Rolling Security Grilles provide security against unwanted entry while still providing visibility and air flow. When you have interior or exterior needs to keep an area off limits, Cornell’s rolling security grilles are the answer. Custom built to your exact specifications, they will fit any opening that needs a roll-down security gate. Whether you install in front of doors, behind glass windows or by itself in an opening, our safety gates and storefront security grilles are durable yet require little-to-no maintenance.

Our multiple security grille designs give you many aesthetic choices to securing any area.


Rolling Grille Benefits:


  1. Security: Security Grilles prevent unauthorized access and discourage forced entry at building exterior openings, storefronts or areas within buildings, such as pharmacies or parts counters. Used behind plate glass storefronts, they are a deterrent to smash-and-grab crime.
  2. Aesthetics: A variety of roll-up grille finishes from polished stainless to deep bronze are available to contribute to visual aesthetics as well as curtain configurations in a straight or brick pattern.
  3. Design Flexibility: Cornell safety grilles are built to order to fit your opening size, operation and option preferences.
  4. Early Installation Option: Early/easy self-supporting installation system lets security grilles be fitted in before walls are built and before there is an opening. Structural tubular members, factory machined and fitted for grille guides and brackets, attach directly to the slab below and joists above.
  5. Space-saving: Metal grille curtains store in a compact coil at the head of an opening for fuller use of the interior space.
  6. Low life cycle cost: Cornell’s commercial security grille’s rugged construction and quality materials assure long life and less costly maintenance.


Get the Right Security Grille for the Right Job:

Our Visionaire security grilles offer a choice of a straight block pattern or staggered brick pattern in 3”, 6” or 9” spacing. These durable overhead grilles can be found in numerous industrial, commercial, healthcare and educational settings. Vistagard rolling grilles combine the durability of our normal roll down gates with the added security of flame-retardant polycarbonate panels. This provides added solid clear protection from refuse and theft of small articles.

For high traffic areas, Cornell’s 300 Series High-Performance Grille delivers up to 300,000 maintenance free gate open and close cycles with speeds up to 3 times faster than standard coiling grilles. With a springless direct drive, there are fewer parts to wear out or fail and ensures smooth starts and stops. High traffic areas that can’t afford to be out of commission like a parking gate system, will praise the longevity and hassle-free grille operation. The 5015 Heavy Duty Overhead Rolling Grille is engineered to balance security with air flow and visibility. Utilizing 50% heavier links, closer rod spacing, and increased tube spacers, this security gate is much more secure than the standard grille construction.

Emergency situations call for our CrossingGard Emergency Response Grille. When public areas, schools or institutions need secure areas and corridors but still need to offer additional means of egress with a safety gate, instant activation can open secure areas automatically to provide alternate routes out of an emergency situation. Security does not have to lose appearance. The SteelWeave Metal Mesh Grille is a highly attractive designed security gate that compliments and enhances any building’s design while maintaining high-security standards. With a choice of 5 different elegant grille curtain patterns, it is an ideal security choice for restaurants, bars, storefronts, malls and more that want an aesthetically pleasing security solution. In addition, grille curtains can be etched with any logo, branding or custom design for the ultimate in customization.

Our easy to fit, SentryGate Coiling Grille features injection molded components combined with continuous metal rods for a unique patented gate curtain combination design. It can easily be retrofitted into existing structures. The unique security protection can be designed to use 5” less headroom for those hard to fit areas.

No matter what your security grille or safety gate needs are, Cornell has the customized security solution you are looking for.