Roll-Up Security Grilles

Install roll-up security grilles or gates to restrict access and protect areas while keeping your view and airflow intact. Security grilles are perfect for retail applications, food service and medical applications. Roll-up security grilles and gates come in several different configurations and are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of any application. Regardless of what you need to protect, we can help you find the right solution.

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Rolling Grille Options

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What Are Roll-up Security Grilles?


Roll-up security grilles, also known as retractable security grilles, security shutters, or roll-up security gates, are metal barriers that offer protection when in place. They roll up easily to grant access to the interior of a storefront, restaurant, health care vestibule, or similar space, and can even act as counter shutters in a cafeteria. Once open, these convenient, upward-coiling security grilles remain in tight, compact coils at the top of their frame, allowing you to maximize space until you need to lower your grille for security.


Roll-up security grilles provide peace of mind by allowing you to keep designated areas off-limits to the public when needed. Most roll-up security grilles have an open, sometimes woven, metal construction, which allows you to maintain your building's aesthetically pleasing appearance, enable adequate air circulation, and let potential customers check out your inventory even during off hours in retail applications. 

The design of security grilles makes them easy to repair and allows them to hold up well with little maintenance. Retractable security grilles are also available in different materials and finishes, including aluminum, stainless steel, and various powder coated colors.

Customizable Security

Commercial doorways, windows and serving counters vary in width, height and depth — which means one size will not fit all. Our grilles are custom-made for a precision fit, providing maximum security. You can request a quote for a personalized estimate. We'll help with finding measurements and choosing the right solution for your space. You can even customize your closure with optional features for increased durability, functionality and visual appeal, such as:

  • Automatic controls: Automate your grille or gate with door controls built for remote operation.
  • Hoods: Protect your door with an attractive hood, designed to conceal and shield your hardware.
  • Durable metals: Galvanized steel links and rods use a protective layer of zinc to guard against premature rust and corrosion.
  • Design options: Security grilles are available in varying patterns made from different materials, which will help you create the right match.
  • Etching: Place your logo directly onto your grille to turn your security door into an attractive billboard.

If you're not sure which direction you'd like to go in, you'll be happy to know that we offer professional Architectural Design Support. Our designers can help you find a closure that will meet or exceed your requirements. They'll help you with drawings and specifications, or you can use our drawing generator in the Architect Portal. Upload your sketch to our team and receive drawings in a matter of days, keeping your project moving forward.

Cornell Product Options

Our basic rolling security grille products are big on security. However, if you're looking to upgrade your protective barrier with unique, built-to-order features, we offer a wide variety of beneficial customization options to ensure your security gate matches your exact specifications. No matter what you're protecting, our optimizations ensure outstanding performance, help with damage prevention, and can meet unique specifications for your needs.

Performance Upgrade Options are features that will make your roll-up grille more functional and safer, such as low-friction powder coating for the smoothest closure possible and backup battery devices if power failure occurs. We also offer various Damage Prevention Options to ensure your heavy-duty rolling security grille can stand up to high-impact bumps and scrapes. These products include industrial-strength bottom bars and rolling door protectors.

Our custom options create a roll-up security grille completely suited to your unique needs. These include:

  • Over 180 powder coated colors
  • Various locking options
  • Multiple height offerings
  • Pass and pocket doors
  • Vision windows
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Curved tracks
  • Corner, fixed, and removable mullions
  • Fixed frame assembly
  • Chain diverters
  • Countertop shutter closure solutions
  • Entrapment protection
  • Superimposed doors
  • And more

One of our most popular customization options are perforated slat doors. ScreenGard™ perforated slats provide the visibility and ventilation of a grille with the unparalleled security of a heavy-duty rolling commercial door. Perforated slat doors are an excellent option for applications that require their rolling door to remain closed and secure while still allowing airflow throughout the premises. ScreenGard perforated slats are available in both galvanized steel and aluminum. You can also choose to have perforations on every slat or alternating slats.

When to Replace a Security Grille

Facilities with existing security grilles may need to replace them with new ones to positively impact appearance and function. Older grilles can act up over time, leading to difficulties rolling up or down and a diminished aesthetic appeal. If you're taking over an existing structure or planning a remodel, remember that it may be time to replace a security grille if it is:


  • Damaged: Whether by accident or a break-in, if your security grille is damaged, it compromises the level of security being provided. It's also bad for business — it looks sloppy and invites undesirable behavior.
  • Broken: If your grille is slowing down, getting stuck or failing to operate at all, your property is at risk. Replace your security grille to regain your barrier of protection.
  • Outdated: If your grille is very old, has outdated technology or just looks worn out, it’s time to upgrade.

Order a Rolling Security Grille


Ordering a rolling security grille from Cornell is easy. Request a quote online, locate a Cornell dealer in your area or speak with a local representative. Security grilles offer low-profile protection with an unmatched, attractive appeal. We have a vast selection of roll-up security gates and grilles to match the size requirements of any application. For more information or to speak with someone about products for your business, call Cornell today at (800) 233-8366.