Durable Rolling Grilles for Security

Security Grilles

Model Number: ESG10, ESG11 and ESG12

Rolling Security Grilles

Need to securely separate two spaces but still need airflow and visibility?  Our Rolling Security Grilles are your answer. Our durable Rolling Security Grilles keep areas off-limits, require little to no maintenance and can be configured to meet your desired aesthetic. 

Custom built to an exact opening size, the commercial-duty design is durable, requires little-to-no maintenance and offers ease of repair with readily available parts. Install these overhead grilles as a storefront grille, at service window openings, in schools, malls, restaurants, healthcare settings and more.

We offer several different overhead grille models, with different material options. Multiple opening sizes, as well as straight block or staggered brick patterns make the rolling grille variations practically unlimited. Our security grilles can be powder coated in nearly 200 stock colors as well as custom options and upgrades such as flame retardant polycarbonate inserts to prevent theft of small articles.

For convenience, the security grille curtain stores in an overhead coil supported by the guide extensions for an out of sight, compact storage solution. The security grille is also removable with a manual release system. This feature satisfies building safety code exit requirements by providing a wall-mounted pull handle that disengages the motor so the grille can open partially for egress. 

When you need to protect areas from unauthorized access, intrusion or theft but don’t want to limit visibility or air flow, our rolling security grilles are the perfect solution.

Benefits of Security Grilles

A high-quality security grille is a powerful tool with many benefits for your facility: 

  • Intrusion deterrence: Security grilles immediately warn criminals that your facility is not an easy target. Most thefts are opportunistic, so would-be intruders will likely seek easier alternatives. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: Security grilles are not high-maintenance. They operate mechanically and require less upkeep than many other more fragile types of shutters, helping you save money.
  • Aesthetics: Security grilles are often preferable to alternatives like perforated shutters because they allow people to see in and out. They also allow natural light to pass through the window. 

Grille Door Lock Options

The main locking options available for our security grilles include: 

  • Guide mounted interlocks: A guide mounted interlock uses an electrical cutout switch to prohibit the motor from operating before the user has disengaged the locking device.
  • Padlockable slide bolts: A padlockable slide bolt has a strike equipped with angled ends. These angled tips allow the latches to receive the bolt even if the security grille becomes misaligned. 
  • Padlockable chain keepers: A padlockable chain keeper holds a chain operative connected to the driving mechanism behind a chain hoist system.
  • Masterkeyable cylinder locks: A master keyable cylinder lock allows security grille owners to create a single key that can open several cylinder locks. Most master key systems group locking cylinders together based on their locations, such as a particular wing of a building.

Contact Cornell Iron for Five-Star Security Grille Solutions

Cornell Iron is a leading manufacturer in the rolling door and grille industry with innovative manufacturing facilities located in Goodyear, Arizona, and Mountaintop, Pennsylvania. Our team provides cutting-edge security grille doors for every industry, from hospitals to museums and retail storefronts. We have many decades of experience producing durable, safe, and reliable door solutions. 

Ready to find out more? The Cornell Iron team is here to help. Reach out online now for a free quote or give us a call at 800-233-8366. You can also search for a location near you to connect with a member of our service team in person. 



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