Commercial Roll-Up Doors

When you need Overhead Doors, Steel Roll-Up Garage Doors, Fire Doors, Security Doors, Insulated Doors or Commercial Garage Doors, Cornell has all your commercial exterior door needs.

Commercial Roll-Up Coil Doors

For over 100 years, commercial roll-up doors have been the primary product for Cornell. Over those years, as the leading innovator for overhead coiling doors, we have launched many types, options, and design innovations in the rolling door industry. Our standard overhead rolling door is everything except standard. With manufacturing construction sizes of up to 30’ wide and 30’ high, our advanced overhead door fabrication departments are not limited to standard sizing. With an entire department dedicated to solving custom rolling door solutions and overhead steel door applications that are outside the norm, our architect design support team excels in creating custom solutions.

What Is a Rolling Steel Door?

Rolling steel doors or roll-up doors are installations engineered for heavy-duty applications. From delivery docks to parking garages, products from Cornell are ideal for business owners who prioritize reliability and performance to encourage efficiency. Instead of gliding along overhead tracks like many other doors, roll-up doors feature interlocking slats that coil into a barrel shape when opening.

Professionals who work in tight corners choose to install rolling steel doors because the technology leaves room for multiple entries in a row. If you run a commercial fleet or oversee shipments and deliveries, steel roll-up doors keep your operations on schedule with little need for maintenance. The experts at Cornell customize all of our roll-up door offerings to fit the exact dimensions of your workspace.

Rolling steel doors from Cornell are excellent for blocking out the elements, protecting your inventory and creating a secure storage space for company assets. Take advantage of our solutions for retail storefronts, warehouses, and more.

How Do Roll-Up Doors Work?

Roll-up doors operate via the main drive mechanism located above interlocking slats. As a series of belts move a rotating drum, slats lift from the ground and coil around a cylindrical support. Installations depend on vertical side rails and a horizontal bar at the base of bottom slats. These components ensure each piece coils evenly when the door is in the open position.

Our steel rolling door drive mechanisms showcase protective hoods that sit around the drum section of each assembly. These enclosures help to protect moving parts so that your installations respond according to manufacturer specifications. The experts at Cornell will introduce you to roll-up door selections compatible with automated technology for convenience.

The Benefits of Commercial Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors are a sturdy solution for sealing your bays, loading docks, and exterior openings. They're ideal for any business looking to increase security without sacrificing performance or appearance. Commercial rolling doors are made from steel or aluminum — stronger than wood or fiberglass — and can be coated for preventing corrosion. Installing commercial rolling doors adds safety and security, contributing to insurance discounts and reduced monthly expenses, along with:

  • Enhanced security: Rolling doors are an active theft deterrent, with modern opening systems designed for stopping thieves in their tracks. High-security roll-up doors can add safety to any business or facility, protecting employees from harm and preserving goods from theft. With individual interlocking steel slats, overhead coiling doors are extremely hard to penetrate compared to a sectional door that has 24” sections hinged together.
  • Optional insulation: Rolling commercial doors are available with insulation, helping improve climate control and reduce energy expenses. Insulation prevents heat transfer in and out, making it easier to heat or cool a business.
  • Quiet operation: These doors are ideal for businesses and facilities located next to busy roads and loud areas. Commercial roll-up doors stop noise transfer in both directions, keeping exterior noises out and preventing workshops and other noisy businesses from affecting their neighbors.
  • Extreme protection models available: For advanced protection from the elements, we offer roll-up doors built for withstanding fire, tornadoes, and hurricanes. If you need something custom built or want assistance in choosing which product is right for you, you can get help from our architectural team.
  • High-performance models available: Employees open doors dozens of times per day. Increase productivity and reduce labor costs with commercial rolling garage doors. They move at the speed of business, reaching opening and closing speeds up to two feet per second.
  • Greater longevity: Today's roll-up doors are made of durable metals and built to withstand years of weather and wear. Our line of commercial rolling doors includes options suitable for virtually any climate, offering long-term protection for business and industrial applications.
  • Increased number of cycles: Our standard rolling coil doors are constructed to withstand daily use and are warrantied up to 50,000 cycles, which is twice the numberof our competitors. Our overhead doors can be upgraded to withstand 300,000 or even 1,000,0000 maintenance-free open and close cycles. 

What Sizes Do Roll-Up Doors Come In?

Cornell dealer technicians visit your commercial site to determine which of our offerings are appropriate for your applications. Our dealers work with clients, providing advice and learning more about your needs. Our coiling doors are built-to-order within set size constraints. Consider some of our best-selling products:

  • Rolling Fire Door: This fire door closure has a maximum size of 13.5' wide by 40' tall, but oversized dimensions are available upon request.
  • Thermiser Rolling Door: The Thermiser insulated rolling door, designed for climate control, is available in dimensions up to 30' wide and 30' high.
  • CrossingGard® Grille with ThreatProtect™: This egress door is built to securely zone your building in lockdown events or provide emergency exit paths. Standard construction sizes are up to 20' wide and 20' high.

Cornell encourages business owners to browse our roll-up door selections online and see examples of our product dimension capabilities firsthand. Roll-up door curtain sizing also differs based on insulation thickness.

Architectural Design Support

Need assistance choosing a closure for your opening? Contact our Architectural Design Support team or check out our Architect Portal for on-demand tools. We offer a range of services to help you find the right roll-up doors for any project. You can also access BIM objects, download specs, and use our self-service drawing tool. Our team of specialists can help you at any stage of the design process or even with custom designs. Contact us at (800) 233-8366.

We Offer Rolling Steel Doors at Affordable Prices

How much does it cost to install a roll-up door? Several factors influence your installation's total cost, such as resistance levels, dimensions, materials, and coatings. Cornell dealers work with clients to decide on a roll-up door configuration that suits their budgets and purposes.

Rely on our dealers to draw up multiple rolling steel door configurations for your needs. We can equip select roll-up doors with one- or two-way windows within the curtain. What's more, our customers enjoy over 180 color options when opting for a roll-up door assembly compatible with a SpectraShield® powder coating finish.

Order Commercial Roll-Up Doors Today

Our commercial garage doors are suited for the rigors of loading docks and are an attractive option for protecting a retail storefront. Impress customers and match business branding with customized doors available in a range of finishes, including 189 RAL colors. For additional inspiration, view our completed project galleries, complete with specs and details.

At Cornell, we operate an international network of more than 700 dealers, which means we can deliver the products you need — when and where you need them. Send us a message today for a fast quote on doors for your business or building.

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