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Extreme 300 Series MicroCoil Grille...A Parking Game-Changer

The Extreme 300 Series MicroCoil Grille is the grille with the smallest headroom available today! It allows you to maximize your clear opening by reducing the coil size, through patented vertical links. A typically sized standard rolling grille requires 24" of headroom - the same size MicroCoil Grille only requires 13". That's nearly a 50% saving on headroom space! This game-changing design helps parking garages to comply with ADA requirements because it allows taller ADA vans to enter or exit. Building owners can rarely utilize standard rolling grilles and can achieve this compliance.

The Extreme 300 Series MicroCoil Grille quietly operates at speeds of up to 24 inches per second. The curved vertical links were engineered to reduce vibration - making this whisper quiet grille perfect for parking garages that also house residents. This grille can also be configured to withstand up to 40 PSF static design pressure. It comes ready to withstand 20 PSF static design pressure as standard.

To ensure maximum uptime, the Extreme 300 Series MicroCoil Grille has a springless design which requires no maintenance, other than routine checks, and no replacement parts for 300K cycles. It accepts virtually all activation systems and features a 2-year operator warranty and a 2-year/300,000 cycle component warranty. This grille is operated by our Apex SmartController which features plug and play connections to the operator and standard sensors to reduce installation time. Its LCD screen provides step-by-step instructions for door commissioning, electronic limit setting and status/ error messaging. It is also set-up to easily accept virtually all activation and safety devices.   

Curtain finish options include: aluminum mill finish, aluminum clear anodized finish and 300 Series stainless steel with #4 finish

Standard size options include: Aluminum 26'W x 14'H  or Stainless Steel 26'W x 10'H 





Contact our Design Team who can assist in the design, detailing and specification for the Extreme 300 Series MicroCoil Grille. 


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