Operator Information

There are many factors to consider when choosing how your door will operate. How fast you want it to open, how many times a day will it cycle and if there is power available are just a few of these factors. Here, you will find information on each of our available operators.

Types of Operators

Manual vs Motor General Reference

The table below provides an, at a glance, reference for what type of operator elements each listed products uses.
For more detailed information please review the categories above.

Product Manual Motor
Push-Up Chain Crank Motor Tube Motor
Service Door X X X X
Insulated Door X X X X
Fire Door X X X X
Security Grille X X X X X
SentryGate 4 X X X X X
SentryGate 3 X X X X X
CrossingGard Grille X
Counter Door X X X X X
Counter Fire Door X X X X X
1024 Door X
324 Grille X