Motor Operation for Fire Rated Doors

Motor operation is the most effective and consistent method of opening larger, higher cycle doors and offers the following benefits:

  • Door Longevity: Offers the most consistent method of operation, and as such, maximizes door longevity
  • Ease of Use: Can link to one-touch, or even no touch, opening triggers such as a push button station or a loop detector
  • Safety: Accommodates entrapment devices such as photo eyes and sensing edges
  • Remote Activation: Can be integrated into master building controls to operate doors remotely
  • Durable: Can be designed to withstand weather, chemicals, or even explosions

Motor operation does require power to the opening and enough clearance to mount the motor. In the event of a power outage, auxiliary operators can be used (push up or chain, depending on door size and configuration). You often see motor operators in parking garages, distribution facilities, paint booths, and car washes.

AlarmGard™ Motor

The AlarmGard motor is an integral component of the most advance fire door closing system available today. Battery backup prevents unplanned door closure due to power failures for up to 8 hours. Also functions as a backup DC power source for local warning devices and detectors during power failures.

HP: 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, 1 1/2, 2, 3, 5
Voltage: [115 V single] [230 V single] [208/230 V three] [460 V three] phase service

Recommended for all fire doors where the convenience of electric AlarmGard Motor Operation is desired.

Full AlarmGard Closing System Information

FireGard™ Motor

Model FGH cULus listed, Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated gear head operator rated for units that normally cycle up to 20 times per day. Fire door system closing is activated by melting of fusible link. Average closing system speed of 6" -12" per second. System reset procedure is to replace and reset fusible link.

HP: 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 3. Up to 7 1/2 HP available on larger doors.
Voltage: [115 V single] [230 V single] [208/230v three] [460v three] phase service

Available where the convenience of electric FireGard Motor Operation is desired in the above FireGard Closing System conditions for fire doors and insulated fire doors that can accept motor operation up to 2HP.


Full FireGard Closing System Information

AlarmGard Tube Motor 

Get the convenience of motor operation in a low profile design. Because the AlarmGard Tube Motor is concealed within the shaft assembly, it’s ideal for openings with tight clearances around the coil area or when you need to neatly conceal the operator and drive components without adding a bulky and unsightly motor cover. The AlarmGard tube motor operator can be used on Fire Doors or Counter Fire Shutters. 

Features & Benefits of AlarmGard Tube Motors:

  • Convenience of motor operation in a low profile, concealed design.
  • Auto-Reset and selectable Auto-Open.
  • Available with our without battery back-up.
  • UL 325 compliant and UL 864 listed motor assembly
  • Rated for up to 10 cycles per day.
  • Electrical connections from the operator to the wall mounted control panel is plug and play.
  • Internal fail safe release device and internal centrifugal governor.

Recommended Applications:

  • Fire Door and Counter Fire Shutters that require convenient motor operation in limited space conditions.
  • Conditions that will benefit from hidden components and aesthetically pleasing profiles.
  • Applications requiring a back-up battery to eliminate nuisance activation from power interruptions.

Product Application Requirements:

  • Can operate a fire door or fire counter shutter up to approximately 120sq ft*.
  • Requires an input voltage of 115 VAC/50 Hz, 230 VAC/60 Hz or 230 VAC/50 Hz**.


*Size limit varies by door configuration and gauge requirements.

** Special Order: Extended lead time will apply.

Full AlarmGard Tube Motor Information