FireGard Closing System | Commerical Garage Door Accessory

The AlarmGard® Closing System is activated electrically by the central fire alarm system or by local smoke detectors.  When this occurs, the integrated release device allows fire doors to close safely without loss of door spring tension.  This advanced system does not require human interaction after the alarm is cleared – it will reset and reopen automatically.  The product is ideal for applications where there is minimal wall clearance, or where design requirements dictate the need to hide the coil box into ceiling construction. 

AlarmGard® Closing System Benefits:

  • Automatic reset plus automatic open eliminates reset downtime by 100% after alarm clears
  • Activates the door to close upon alarm, eliminating fire and smoke migration – performance that thermally activated systems simply cannot match
  • Eliminates visually distracting release devices and fusible links
  • Smaller headroom clearance than competitors’ product
  • Activated drop speed does not exceed 9 to 12 inches per second
  • Cornell AlarmGard® motor, chain and crank operators are UL listed and approved for retrofit to most manufacturers’ fire doors while maintaining the original fire protection rating

AlarmGard® Closing System Features:

  • Automatic reopen selectivity
  • Adjustable time delay
  • Tamper-proof cycle counter
  • Integrated failsafe release device
  • Internal, variable rate centrifugal governor

*If you do not require electrical alarm activation, check out our fusible link activated FireGard Closing System.

Available Operators

Our AlarmGard® fire doors are available with bracket mounted motor, chain or hand-crank operators.

Available Options
Testing Station
Battery Back Up Devices