FireGard Closing System for Commercial Doors | Cornell

FireGard Closing Systems are recommended for openings that are not in a pedestrian thoroughfare or where connection to a fire alarm system is not required by code.  This product is best suited to locations without electrical power, or where the installation of activation cables and hardware will not detract from the intended aesthetics of the opening.

This system features standard fusible link detection that activates fire doors and shutters without releasing spring tension or disengaging the operator drive mechanism. FireGard operators include bracket mounted motor, manual chain and manual crank operation.

FireGard System Benefits:

  • Safe, controlled closing speed of 9” to 12” per second
  • Will not automatically close upon power failure
  • Simple test and reset
  • Fail-safe release device is optional
  • Affordable alternative to alarm-activated closing systems

FireGard Options:
Battery Back Up Devices
Release Devices
Testing Stations

Again, it is important to note that we only recommend FireGard Closing Systems for openings that are not in a pedestrian thoroughfare and where electrical activation is not desired.  For applications where this is true, look into an AlarmGard Closing System.