FireGard Release Device | Commerical Garage Door Accessory

The FireGard Fusible Link Closing System can be ordered with a fail-safe release device that responds to alarm signals and permits the fire door to close prior to smoke migration or the high temperatures required to melt the fusible link.  This option is suitable for applications that can offer more wall space for the installation of the device and where aesthetics are less important.  There are multiple release device options to meet varied needs – contact us to determine the best device for your opening.

Features of the FireGard Release Device 

The FireGard is a tri-voltage releasing device that contains no battery backup unit and doesn't require any form of backup support. The unit has 100% fail-safe capability through its constantly energized solenoid mechanism. It's designed for use in conjunction with our line of manual or motor-operated steel fire doors and counter fire doors equipped with mechanisms for conventional dropouts.

This device complies with the UL-864 Standard for Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems to give you peace of mind. UL-864 is the global standard for the fire production industry based on the codes issued by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

The other main features of the release device include:

  • Input voltage: The release device features a wide input voltage range, including 115 VAC, 24 VAC, and 24 VDC.
  • Contact relays: The device receives a signal from your fire alarm control panel or localized detector units.
  • Release time: The device offers a 10-second delay window after a power failure before the alarm triggers.
  • Alarm signal: The alarm signal can come in 24 VDC/VAC or Form C dry contact.
  • Power: The release device has the power to operate a 24 VDC door closing warning once the alarm signals. It also has a standby current draw ranging from 115 VAC to 24 VAC.
  • Closed door signal: As a safeguard, the release device limits down detection to prevent the release of a closed door when the alarm signals by requiring a closed door signal.
  • Maximum-rated pull: The release device can handle up to 50 pounds.

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