Rolling Doors and Security Grilles for Various Applications

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Parking facilities require solutions that are high speed, high cycle and minimal headroom. They also require optimal security. On the other hand, there may be times you are required to install a fire-rated closure to meet code. You will need a closure that will compartmentalize a fire.


Is safety and security a top priority? Worried about after hours? Cornell's closure solutions can help! Our insulated doors or high performance doors would be ideal for loading dock applications. Our overhead security grilles and counter shutters can provide extreme security after hours.


Need to protect food areas when dining halls are closed? Looking to restrict building access outside university hours? Our rolling grilles and counter shutters can provide the perfect solution for any school or university.


Protecting your storefront from theft is extremely important. Cornell offers overhead security grilles and maximum protection doors to prevent this from happening. Adding this protection to your storefront will prevent any vandal from harming your business.




Protecting your bar or restaurant is crucial. We take off some of the stress with the SteelWeave™ Metal Mesh Grille. It complements and enhances any building's design while still providing security. 


 We provide custom security solutions to protect your pharmacy and preserve your medications against forced entry and theft.

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The seconds in between an emergency call about a fire to when the firefighters leave the station are precious. With so much on the line, make sure those seconds don’t turn into minutes by choosing fire station doors that are reliable, durable, and meet the demands of a busy fire station.


Keeping your staff, faculty and products secure is a make-or-break task. You know the importance of designing a building that's secure for high value manufacturing and distribution.




While it's impossible to bring every car inside at night, security rolling doors and grilles help keep other critical items at the dealership safe and secure. These doors provide a reliable method of protecting customer vehicles and documentation while also creating a beautiful aesthetic when your facility isn't open.


Government operations and municipalities such as law enforcement headquarters, government warehouses, and parking stations all require superior levels of continuous security. Whether you run a federal, state, or local operation, the doors should be reliable and efficient day and night.


When you work out of or in a warehouse, locating doors that give you simple access and comprehensive security can be a challenge. There are numerous items in your warehouse you need to use and protect, so your warehouse's doors matter. We're here to help you find the perfect doors for your needs, whether you're building a new warehouse or outfitting an existing space.


Dock Doors

When you're looking to store heavy equipment, it's essential to find the right materials to keep your investments safe. Find the best storage door choice to keep your heavy equipment safe from the elements and other factors. 


Stop worrying about picking the wrong solution. Have a custom solution - great! We'll help you get started. Our team of design experts are available to assist you in determining what product is the best solution for your application and to get your project well on its way. Call us at 833.958.1273 or email us at

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