Insulated Doors

Cornell didn’t invent the insulated door – but we perfected it. Choose our market-leading energy-efficient insulated doors in extreme environments or anywhere you want to save on energy costs and go green.

Best Insulated Roll-Up Doors

At Cornell, we may not have invented the insulated service door, but we've perfected it with several innovative designs made for simple installation into your structure. Our energy-efficient rolling service doors have the highest conservation rating in their class, preventing the transfer of both heat and sound while lowering your overhead costs.

Our insulated doors:

  • Are made from foam-insulated steel door slats that interlock together to form a solid curtain
  • Roll up above an interior or exterior opening
  • Provide increased security, energy efficiency and durability over standard garage doors
  • Can help achieve up to 38 points in five LEED certification credit categories

We manufacture custom insulated rolling doors suited for a range of commercial applications. Whatever the size and scope, we'll help you design a custom closure that looks great on your business.

The Benefits of Insulated Overhead Doors

Our insulated roll-up garage doors combine durable steel, high-tech insulation and patent-pending perimeter seal technology to create an effective barrier against the elements — but that's not all. Cornell insulated rolling service doors offer multiple benefits that apply just as much to a parking garage as a manufacturing facility, including:

  • Improved climate control: Our insulated doors prevent air leakage and heat from passing through, helping maintain the climate — perfect for staying warm in the winter or cooling off in the summer. 
  • Lowered energy costs: Better climate control from insulated rolling doors reduces the demand on the HVAC system, increasing the lifespan of components and decreasing your monthly heating and cooling expenses. 
  • Reduced environmental impact: Running your HVAC systems less means consuming less energy, reducing your impact on the environment and helping you achieve a greener operation.
  • Reduced noise transfer: Whether you're producing a lot of noise or want to keep outside sounds out, our insulated doors come with sound-deadening qualities perfect for any application.

Insulated Rolling Service and Garage Doors

With a custom insulated rolling door by Cornell, you can choose doors made using galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Each of our roll-up insulated overhead doors comes with the same options and finishes available to our other custom products, including powder coating in over 180 colors. We manufacture several custom insulated rolling doors, including: 

  • Thermiser® insulated doors: These doors are made for exterior use, providing a secure seal while helping to maintain climate control. Thermiser doors are made for high-traffic use, requiring low lifetime maintenance and warrantied for 50,000 operating cycles. 
  • Thermiser Max® doors: Thermiser Max insulated closures are the most energy-efficient doors available, creating a tight seal for reducing heat transfer and eliminating 94% of air intrusion. These doors are an investment, offering an excellent return in the form of lower monthly energy expenses. 
  • Extreme® 300 series doors: These closures operate at speeds of up to two feet per second, improving security, increasing productivity and giving you better control over your internal climate. Extreme 300 series high-performance insulated doors last a minimum of 300,000 operating cycles. 
  • Extreme 1024 series doors: For top-of-the-line performance, Cornell Extreme 1024 series high-performance insulated doors deliver all that and more. These doors are three times faster than average coiling doors and rated for over a million cycles with minimal maintenance.

Create an insulated door suited for your purposes with perforated slats, vision windows or customized slat options. For the ultimate customization, decorate your insulated rolling door with a logo, graphic or full-color image. 

Custom Insulated Rolling Service Doors for Any Application

When you need speed, protection, and insulation in an affordable package made to fit your space, Cornell has you covered. We carry a wide selection of closures, with a massive inventory of parts and accessories to create a custom configuration and keep it running in peak condition. Choose from a variety of aluminum and steel door solutions. If you'd like to see how our closures can help you save on costs while adding value to your business, locate a dealer near you or send us a message for a personal quote.

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