Rolling Counter Doors

Commonly utilized in cafeterias, concession stands and ticket booths, Rolling Counter Doors provide accessibility and security in interior and exterior finished wall openings. When they are required by code for fire, fire barrier and smoke barrier walls, choose a fire rated configuration.


Rolling Counter Shutters

At Cornell, we manufacture custom rolling counter shutters for closing access points above counters, securing service windows and protecting similar openings. Rolling counter shutters typically fit above countertops but may be manufactured for reliable use all the way down to the floor on request. Also referred to as rolling counter doors, these products are perfect for adding a layer of security to:

Custom Rolling Counter Doors

We build each of our custom rolling counter doors to meet and exceed the demands of commercial use, perfect for repeated daily use in areas with high traffic. Depending on the size and weight of the door, and your personal preference, we manufacture roll-up counter doors for hand-crank, push-up or motorized operation. For added protection, we produce fire-rated counter shutters that are UL rated to withstand heat and flames for up to three hours. 

Counter Shutters

A custom rolling counter shutter adds reliable security, protecting against intrusion and from the elements. Manufactured using interlocking slats of steel or aluminum, these doors coil neatly above the opening for compact storage in spaces with limited ceiling room. We design rolling shutters to fit the dimensions of your space, leaving no exposed edges for seamless integration into masonry and drywall openings 4 inches to 13 inches thick.

You can choose from doors with a hand-crank for manual operation, easy-push up designs or doors operated by concealed tubular motors that reduce the effort and space necessary to open and close the shutter. Far more than a closure customized to fit your area, you can personalize your counter shutter with optional enhancements, including:

  • Custom coloring: Find the exact color to match your business with SpectraShield™, a heavy-duty powder coating available in over 180 colors. 
  • Extra protection: Protect your counter shutters with AtmoShield™ powder coating to provide additional resistance against damage and corrosion.
  • Durable covers: Add hood and operator covers for protection from the weather, to achieve OSHA compliance and to meet UL 325 standards. 

Fire-Rated Counter Shutters

Cornell fire-rated custom counter shutters protect your staff, business and the facility in the event of a fire. We also manufacture integrated frames and sills that install into an existing wall with ease and are UL rated to withstand flames for 90 minutes.

These doors are suitable for any opening where you need three hours of rated protection, and they use smaller components than full-size doors, including compact guides, brackets and hoods for a streamlined appearance. We offer several innovative solutions for upgrading your fire-rated counter doors, including:

  • The AlarmGard® closing system that safely closes the fire door in response to an alarm signal or during a prolonged power failure without needing fusible links.
  • Compact motors for fire-rated counter doors: Our AlarmGard tube motor is concealed within the unit, adding low-profile power compatible with our products. 
  • The SmokeShield package: Prevent the spread of smoke with our SmokeShield package, a UL1784 listed system for superior smoke and draft control. 
  • ADA compliant annunciators: Make sure everyone has an opportunity to get to safety. Annunciators offer visible and audible signals alerting to fire and closing doors. 
  • Firefly® release devices: Updated an existing FireGard closing system (heat activated with fusible links) with a Firefly release device that triggers automatic door closings when prompted by alarms.

Increase Your Protection Today

Whether part of a new build or an upgrade to an existing facility, our rolling counter shutters and doors offer an attractive, built-in and professional appearance you'll be able to count on for years to come. Request a personalized quote today or find a local dealer to order custom counter shutters for your business. 

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