LED Light Kit

The LED Light Kit provides a high-visible status indication for overhead doors and grilles. Designed for challenging environments like fire and emergency services, parking garages, and warehouses, the effective LED light strips limit downtime, maintenance, and repair costs.

  • Available in 5’, 10’ or 15’ versions
  • LED light indicators to monitor door position; LED's remain a steady red all the time the unit is in the closed position, but flash red when door is in motion; when door is open, the LED's are solid green; when LED's are flashing white, it indicates a safety/photo eye fail
  • Durable, IP68 rated, marine-grade wiring and stainless steel hardware ensure long life during harsh conditions
  • Task indicators notify of loss of power to the operator and failures to door safety equipment
  • Red LEDs illuminate work areas, preserving night vision and reducing the need for white lights
  • Can be retro-fit to an existing door
  • Compatible with most commercial doors and grilles*

*LED Light Kit is available for all standard and high performance rolling doors, grilles, and counter doors, excluding fire and smoke-rated products.