ScreenGard™ Perforated Slat Doors

Achieve the best of both worlds - ScreenGard perforated slats provide the security of a rolling service door and the visibility and ventilation of a grille. 

ScreenGard is ideal in applications that require the rolling door to remain closed, but airflow must still be maintained throughout the building.  

This option is available in Galvanized Steel and Aluminum and can be done on every slat or alternating slats. The open space percentage that is provided applies to a door that has every slat perforated. Alternating slats will decrease the overall airflow by approximately half.  

  Galvanized Steel  Aluminum 
 Service Door Slat  20 Gauge  16 Gauge
 Counter Door Slat  22 Gauge  N/A
 Slat Material   Galvanized  Clear Anodized
 Open Space  22%  25%
 Maximum DBG  25'5" - continuous
46'5" - alternating
20' 5" - continuous
& alternating

ScreenGard Perforated Slats are not recommended for use on a high speed, high cycle door.