Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Cornell is the leading manufacturer of overhead insulated doors, rolling garage doors, security doors, fire doors and security grilles

When you want the best insulated overhead door for your building, insulated roller garage doors from Cornell Iron are the natural answer.

Insulated roller garage doors provide a barrier against the elements by manufacturing a closed pressure foam interior inside the door curtain. These doors are made from slats of formed galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel that coil above an opening, plus an environmental separation is formed when combined with a door perimeter seal. 

Overhead door materials and finishes

Overhead insulated rolling doors can be manufactured using a variety of metals including steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Insulated roller garages doors metals have a variety of finishes to choose from including:

  • Galvanex galvanized dual process treatment
  • Spectrashield powder coat, that uses our state of the art automated overhead door powder coating process
  • Atmoshield, our long lasting, heavy duty powder coating option for maximum durability

 Overhead Door Standard Drawings


Insulated Rolling Door: Options and Upgrades


  • Seismic Performance Validation: We can provide project specific seismic calculations for all Thermiser or Thermiser Max insulated coiling doors mounted Face of Wall or Between Jambs to steel or masonry. 
  • Operation: Hand chain, hand crank and motors are available based on size, weight or frequency of operation.
  • Combination Doors: Combine two different curtains on the same opening. Typically an insulated door is used in conjunction with an open design rolling grille to provide ventilation. When extreme weather or sound resistance is desired, superimposed/double insulated curtain assemblies can be used.
  • Sloping or Irregular Sills: Special bottom bar designs can meet odd floor conditions including slopes, curbs or rails.
  • Specified Wind Load: Doors can be configured to withstand the full range of specific wind load requirements, including missile impact ratings. Performance validated through third party testing.

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