Commercial Roll Up Doors

Cornell is the leading manufacturer of overhead insulated doors, rolling garage doors, security doors, fire doors and security grilles

With almost 200 years of innovations, experience and advancements, it’s no wonder that Cornell is universally considered the top leader for commercial roll up doors.

Commercial roll up doors are metal slatted doors that store in a coil above in building interior or exterior openings. They provide increased security against entry as well as protection from environmental factors. Manufactured with roll formed metal slats that interlock to form a solid rugged curtain.

Commercial Roll Up Doors

For over 100 years, commercial roll up doors have been the primary product for Cornell. Over those years, as the leading innovator for overhead coiling doors, we have launched many types, options and design innovations. Our standard overhead rolling door is everything except standard. With a standard manufacturing construction sizes of up to 30’ wide, 30’ high, our advanced overhead door fabrication departments are not limited by that. With an entire department dedicated to helping to solve custom rolling door solutions and overhead door applications that are outside the normal, our architect design support team excels are finding custom solutions to whatever issue the situation may be presenting. 

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Commercial roll up doors offer many benefits that sectional garaged doors, sheet doors or other types just can’t offer. The flexibility of overhead rolling doors offers many different application, installation and usage options. Each overhead roll up door at Cornell is custom built to exact specifications. So no matter the size or needs, we always have a door to fit your needs.

We offer many options to further customize your commercial roll up doors. There are many finishes available from 180 different Spectrashield powder coat colors to full-color graphic overhead doors, or the many ways the rolling door slats can be customized. Our Screengard perforated galvanized roll up door slats achieve ventilation and increased visibility while still providing supreme security and insect control. For increased visibility and improved aesthetics, vision window door slats can incorporate one-way or two-way windows. We offer many variations and custom slat designs options too. 

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One of the main features that architect and building owners specify our commercial roll up doors is due to their increased security and durability. With individual interlocking steel slats, overhead coiling doors are extremely hard to penetrate compared to a sectional door that has 24” sections hinged together. The guides that the commercial doors roll up in are 3/16” to ½” structural steel, much stronger and longer lasting than formed 16 gauge metal used in other doors. The added security is a main driving feature towards why the majority of architects and prominent building owners insist on Cornell commercial roll up doors. In addition to the heavier duty steel lasting much longer, which is used in both the coiling door slats and guides, all parts thoughout the commercial rolling doors are engineered to last much longer. Our standard rolling doors are constructed to withstand daily use and warrantied up to 50,000 cycles, which is twice the amount of many of our competitors. Our overhead doors can be upgraded to withstand 300,000 or even a 1,000,0000 maintenance free open and closed cycles. Only Cornell offers this.





Through Cornell’s advanced engineering, our commercial roll up doors are built for advanced performance. Our commercial overhead doors can be configured to withstand a full range of wind load requirements. Our rolling doors are certified for Miami Dade, Texas Department of Insurance, ANSI/DASMA-108 and much more. All rolling doors are custom specified so any specification needed details, such as seismic calculations, missile impact ratings and more can be supplied. All our overhead garage doors are fabricated with rugged, commercial grade materials that result in little to no maintenance for the lifetime of the door. Our overhead coiling doors are not just long lasting and dependable, but they are ideal for areas with a limited overhead room as the roll up doors will coil overhead, fully supported by the side guides.



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Commercial Roll Up Doors with Perforation

Commercial roll up doors from Cornell are not limited to our standard overhead service door. Our insulated roll up doors are the most energy efficient rolling doors available today. Not only do they offer superior insulation, but our patented perimeter door seal decreases air infiltration by 94%. For advanced performance, our higher speed, long lasting, maintenance free high performance roll up doors are the answer. With rapid open and close cycles, up to 1,000,000 maintenance free open and close cycles, extreme energy efficiency and available options like spring-less designs, our Extreme high performance rolling doors offer the lowest cost per cycle and the lowest lifetime cost of any high performance overhead door on the market. When you need to stop fire and smoke in its tracks, Cornell offers fire rated roll up doors and insulated fire roll up doors. Combined with any of our advanced fire door solutions will provide any building with an industry leading automatic closing system.