Schools and Universities

Whether you’re building an elementary school that needs corridor security for after-hours activities or a university dining hall with the need for a service window closure, we’ve got you covered

Loading Docks and Storage

 Larger educational institutions teach a lot of students, but they must also manage a lot of material.  Some universities are larger than towns, with frequent deliveries and significant materials handling and storage.   Dining halls, campus bookstores and maintenance buildings are just a few areas likely to have receiving and storage areas with closure needs.

Service Door

Our service doors are the most popular choice for receiving and storage area needs.  

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High Performance 1024 Door

For areas that will be accessed often, you need a closure solution that can handle high cycles.  Our Extreme 1024 High Cycle Door can withstand tough daily use.

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Insulated Doors

For schools and universities in tougher climates, a door that can keep harsh temperatures and air out is ideal.  Our line of insulated doors can help you better control your interior climate, no matter what’s happening outside.  

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