The safety and security of those in the care of a hospital or health network is paramount – our doors can help you protect people and products.

Loading Docks and Storage


Hospital and healthcare institutions are responsible for the health and well being of countless people during the day – not only the people who are under their care, but also the people who come to visit on a daily basis.   This care requires a significant amount of materials to accomplish, from surgery equipment to fresh fruit.  Handling these materials require receiving and storage areas with varied closure needs.


Service Door

Our service doors are the most popular choice for loading docks and storage area needs.  

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High Performance 1024 Door

For areas that will be accessed often, you need a closure solution that can handle high cycles.  Our Extreme 1024 High Cycle Door can withstand tough daily use.

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Insulated Doors

For hospitals and healthcare institutions in tougher climates, a door that can keep harsh temperatures and air out is ideal.  Our line of insulated doors can help you better control your interior climate, no matter what’s happening outside.  

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