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Elevator Smoke Door

Model Number: ERF10

SmokeShield® Elevator Smoke Curtain

The SmokeShield® Elevator is an award-winning, innovative solution designed to prevent smoke and hot gases from entering elevator shafts. This hoistway closure is the result of almost 100 years of experience developing products that are specifically designed for fire protection and safety. The SmokeShield® Elevator is perfect for virtually any elevator opening, and you can customize it to complement your building.

A Reliable Elevator Smoke Curtain That Seals After Every Use

Elevator shafts are among the most vulnerable areas of a multistory structure in the event of a fire. Without effective smoke barriers installed, elevator shafts can quickly become funnels that allow smoke and dangerous gases to travel between floors, causing damage to the building and placing people at risk. The SmokeShield® Elevator smoke curtain prevents that from happening. This smoke curtain uses our patented GuideLock™ technology to seal the shaft after each cycle 100% of the time, containing smoke to the affected area to prevent damage.




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Specification Sheets
Drawing Generator
While the drawing generator is not available for the SmokeShield® Elevator Smoke Curtain, please contact our ADS department for drawings and technical details.
Codes & Listings
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Buy America Compliance
  • LEED® Compliance
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