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2100 196th Street, Suite 138
Lynnwood, WA 98036 (map)


Monday- Friday, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.
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Areas Served:

Pacific Northwest including Seattle Washington, Western Washington, and Eastern Washington

Products and Services:

Interior Technology Inc - WA - Serving the Pacific Northwest

With offices in Seattle, Portland, Spokane, and Vancouver B.C., Interior Tech proudly serves clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. Whether it's providing fire and smoke-rated products, acoustic solutions, or Cornell rolling doors, egress grilles, and fire-rated doors and shutters,  the company's extensive range of services, dedication to excellence, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them the go-to choice for specialized construction needs.

Interior Tech - Pacific Northwest Cornell Door Dealer

Interior Tech, a leading specialty contractor in the Pacific Northwest, specializes in providing a wide range of fire, glass, and acoustic solutions, along with being a trusted dealer of Cornell garage doors. With a rich history dating back to 1947, Interior Tech has dedicated itself to offering customers unmatched service and proven solutions. The company excels in niche product areas, such as fire and smoke-rated products and grilles for egresses, making them a valuable asset in the construction and design industry

Interior Tech's expert service and maintenance team has 30 techs available to respond to emergency garage door maintenance requests within 24 hours. 

Commercial Roll Up Doors in Seattle Washington

Interior Tech offers high-quality fire separation, emergency egress and fire control commercial door solutions through Cornell:

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About Interior Technology Inc - WA:

Fire, Smoke and Egress Commercial Door Assistance in the Pacific Northwest

Interior Tech prides itself on its relationships with award-winning fire door manufacturers like Cornell. The innovative Interior Tech design team will match you with high-quality products to fit your needs. Other services include:  

  • Advising retrofits for building owners and providing superior fire door product options
  • Design and budget assistance, specifications,and design details
  • Overhead door installation and technical support

Cornell Fire Rated Doors and Security Grilles at Interior Tech

Interior tech carries award-winning Cornell fire and smoke-rated doors, security gates and grilles. 

  • SmokeShiled Smoke & Fire Fabric Door: Create a barrier against fires and compartmentalize spaces with Cornell's patented GuideLock technology. 
  • SmokeShield Elevator Smoke Containment System: This design-forward hoistway smoke enclosure eliminates IBC elevator lobby requirements, allowing for a more spacious layout. 
  • Rolling Fire-Rated Coiling Doors: Industry-leading advanced fire door systems activate thermally or electrically to contain the spread of smoke and fire and can be automatically reset. 
  • Visionaire MicroCoil Grille: Specially designed for retail spaces, the compact Visionaire MicroCoil takes up 40% less headroom than other standard grilles.
  • CrossingGard Emergency Response Grille: Boost daily security by customizing your grille to match your emergency response plan. CrossingGard pairs with your existing alarm systems to open to provide safe egress or to close in other emergencies.