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High Performance Sectional

Model Number: EX904L, EX3100L, EX3200L & EX3700L Series

High Performance Sectional Door

Don’t let your door slow down productivity. Our first sectional product, the Extreme Series Sectional Door, has speeds three times faster on opening and two times faster on closing than traditional sectional doors.

To enhance safety measures, our high performance sectional door features a light curtain that provides 3 feet of protection. The EX Series Sectional Door also includes a cable management system and a standard cable tension monitor, preventing door movement if cables become slack or break.

The Extreme Series Sectional Door is low maintenance, but high on durability. With 2 times the spring life of a traditional sectional door, the EX series door comes standard with robust heavy-duty hardware, double end stiles and upgraded lift cable for optimal performance.

Where visibility is preferred, full-view vision windows are available for the EX series door. For temperature control, insulated options are available. With sizes up to 16’2”w x 14’h, the Extreme Series Sectional Door is a great choice for emergency service facilities, distribution warehouses, automotive buildings and more.

Our Extreme Series Sectional Door is powered by the mighty LiftMaster® operator, yet another perk of the entire Extreme Series Sectional Door system. Featuring an average operating speed of 24” per second on average, the LiftMaster® operator has a direct drive system and lists daily duty cycles at 600 cycles/day over a two-year warranty period. This operator can connect to wi-fi for seamless operation and has an easy-to-read display along with limit-setting technology.



High Performance Door System Powered by LIFTMASTER




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Codes & Listings
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Buy America Compliance
  • LEED® Compliance
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