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In a commercial setting, choosing the right overhead garage door is crucial. All commercial garage doors are not created equal. 

Overhead garage doors are manufactured using roll formed metal slats that interlock to form a curtain that coils above openings and provide security and protection in commercial, industrial, government and other buildings. This prevents unauthorized entries, superior security, weather protection and rugged durability solutions for building opening and entryways. 

Overhead Garage Door

Usually, when purchasing an overhead garage door the first question is whether to choose an overhead coiling door or a sectional door? They have been many advances if garage door technology lately, but there are some significant advantages that an overhead rolling door has over a sectional garage door. The most obvious difference is the manufacturing process and materials used. Typically overhead rolling doors are built with 18–24 gauge steel. The steel is formed into 2” to 3” interlocking slat sections that can be filled with dense insulation. Commercial sectional garage doors are normally made from 24 gauge metal and are often made from even lighter gauge material for residential garage doors. The stronger gauge steel in overhead coiling doors, combined with the smaller, interlocking slats gives roll up doors a big natural security advantage when choosing an overhead garage door for a building. Lastly, commercial rolling doors are built for higher volumes and need less maintenance. Over the life of the garage door, in a commercial setting, you will save money using an overhead coiling door with less maintenance and less downtime.


Choose the Correct Roll Up Door

Now when it comes to the different roll up garage doors available, there are several different models when choosing the correct overhead garage door. Our standard rolling doors are anything but standard. All overhead coiling doors are custom built to your exact specifications. Metal roll up door options and upgrades can include multiple slat gauge thicknesses, customized slats such as windows, hole perforation and various ventilation techniques or even different materials like steel, aluminum or stainless steel. Rolling door finishing options can include various galvanized colors, hundreds of stock powder coating colors along with custom mixing capabilities or our AtmoShield powder coat finish the is designed to combat harsh environments and has advanced protection against harsh wear and tear to make it our most scratch resistant commercial overhead door finish. For an advanced overhead coiling door, applying vinyl graphics can add any logo, image or graphic to our metal roll up door. 



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When a specific overhead garage door need arises, we are the commercial door company that has you covered. In a high volume traffic opening, our high performance, high-speed doors and the solution. Our 300 series high-performance overhead door utilizes a springless design to not only achieve smoother, faster speeds, but the compact design means little to no maintenance for at least 300,000 open and close door cycles. Combined with our industry-leading smart controller, it is easy to install, maintain and achieve zero downtime in busy traffic openings. The insulated high-performance door version, not only improves energy efficiency by reducing open times, but includes our patented Thermiser Max rolling door perimeter seal system, which significantly lowers the air infiltration for one of the most energy efficient overhead doors available. For very high use openings or when you need a high-performance door that needs extra durability, security and long no maintenance periods, our Extreme 1024 high-performance door is engineered to go one million cycles! 


If you need an overhead garage door that provides protection for the elements, temperature control, security and durability, our Thermiser insulated overhead doors provide a foamed in place rolling door combined with a full door perimeter seal. Thermiser Insulated Rolling Doors, designed for exterior use, help maintain different temperatures on each side of the door. They are an ideal choice for use in environments that require climate control, security and durability: distribution, industrial, hospitality, retail and more. The Thermiser helps seal the building envelope and keeps the elements and noise in or out. For the ultimate energy efficiency, our Thermiser Max insulated rolling door offers superior sealing and thermally broken guide construction to decrease air infiltration by 94% making it one of the most energy-efficient rolling doors manufactured. All our insulated overhead doors are custom manufactured to your specifications and offer many finishing options, material options and upgrades. 



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Sometimes your overhead rolling door needs involve more around safety and security. As the premier overhead door company, we have many models available. When smoke and fire threaten a building, protect life and property with Cornell’s rolling fire rated doors. Our fire proof doors combined with our advanced fire door system, compartmentalize a fire event quickly. All our fire doors are tested, approved, listed and rated, including insulated models. Our maximum wind load overhead coiling doors and designed and engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds. Our engineers are here to help with wind load, seismic rated, calculated and rated overhead doors for any design solution. Additionally, id the safety threat is human, our line of maximum security rolling doors are designed to protect during security events such as riots, vandalism, damage or theft. While providing all the same aesthetics as our standard rolling doors, maximum security doors provide immediate protection in the face of danger by automatically closing. This is achieved by installing a panic button in a prominent, easy to access location. Activating the lockdown will automatically close the doors. Like all Cornell doors, all rolling door versions are custom manufactured to your specification, including insulated versions, and have multiple options including finishing options, building materials and upgrades.


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