AlarmGard® Chain and Crank Operators

Fire Operator

Model Number: Electrically Activated Manual Fire Operator

The AlarmGard chain and crank are manual operators that can be used on fire doors, insulated fire doors and counter fire shutters. They automatically activate a fire door or fire shutter during a building alarm, smoke detector activation or power failure. The AlarmGard chain or crank keep the door at a controlled speed when closing, for the safety of those that may be near it. Once the door is in the closed position, it acts as a barrier to prevent smoke and fire from spreading through out the building - this will not only save property but also the lives of those that are in the building. 
A benefit of the AlarmGard chain and crank is that it has a built in automatic reset release device, which mean that an external releasing device is not required - this eliminates the need for costly wiring.  

The AlarmGard manual operators will require 120 Volt AC, 24 Volt AC or 24 Volt DC power from an external source or central alarm system.

An optional battery backup is also available and this will hold the door in the open position for up to 8 hours, preventing unwanted drops due to temporary power outages. The batter back up can also be used to power the local smoke detector.

Compatible Products

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Codes & Listings
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Buy America Compliance
  • LEED® Compliance
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