MicroCoil™ Compact Parking Garage Security Grille

High performance, fast speeds, extremely quiet and fits into 50% less headroom then other security grilles, MicroCoil has it all.

MicroCoil Compact Security Grille – The Ultimate Parking Gate System

Protecting and securing parking facility has become a lot easier and has completely new options. MicroCoil parking gates have exclusive patented curved nesting links that coil up into only 13” of headspace, 50% less space than any other coiling grille available. Performance was not sacrificed either, in fact, MicroCoil is engineered with a direct drive, springless shaft design, that requires no maintenance, other than routine checks, and no replacement parts for 300K cycles. The compact operator features a variable-frequency drive that ensures a so­ft start and stops - reducing wear and tear on both the grille and the operator while still quietly operates at fast speeds of up to 24 inches per second.

So why is MicroCoil such a big deal?

ADA compliance is made easy. Parking gate system openings average around 114 inches (9’6”) high, however, they must provide accessible parking spaces as required by the ADA Standards for Accessible Design which require a minimum of 98 inches to accommodate handicapped accessible vans. Until now, coiling parking lot gates needed 24 inches or more of headroom space for installation. With MicroCoil’s compact design, it can be installed in 13 inches, opening up many new parking garage gate opportunities. Furthermore, the ADA standards state the when a parking lot or parking facility restripes or alters the area in any way, it must comply with the newest standards.

Residential Installations

Typically when installing a parking gate system in a residential or office complex, the noise and vibrations especially during times of high traffic, would make the space directly above the parking lot gate less than ideal. MicroCoil’s patented nesting links are much wider than typical security grille links, so when they are on the grille curtain, the tube spacer is practically flush with the security grille’s rod, which doesn’t allow the security grille to walk. That significantly reduces vibrations and makes MicroCoil super quiet, the quietest commercial gate available. This makes residential installs especially appealing as installing directly under an office, apartment or any other occupied space, does not disturb the area above it, unlike most other parking lot gates on the market. 


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The MicroCoil Compact Security Grille advantages:

  • Installs in 13” of headroom as opposed to 24” or that other products require
  • Small headroom size helps meet ADA compliance
  • Occupying 50% less space than other security gates opens up more security grille installation opportunities
  • Patented curved nested link design reduces vibrations and makes it super quiet
  • Operates at 3X faster speeds of up to 24 inches per second for high traffic areas
  • Direct drive, springless shaft design requires no maintenance and no replacement parts for 300,000 cycles
  • Accepts virtually all parking gate system activation control devices
  • Designed for parking garages, not adapted to fit them
  • Architects love having a high cycle grille that offers security, ventilation, visibility, reliability   with springless design all packaged for 13 inches
  • Our dedicated Architect Design Support group is available to help with questions, drawings, specifications or any assistance needed
  • Operated by our Apex SmartController (NEMA 4X) which features plug and play connections to the operator and standard sensors to reduce installation time
  • The Apex SmartController (NEMA 4X) LCD screen provides step-by-step instructions for door commissioning, electronic limit setting and status/ error messaging
  • Wind load rated, withstands up to 20 PSF static design pressure as standard - can be configured to withstand up to 40 PSF static design pressure
  • Light curtains plus photo eyes prevent potential harm or injury
  • UL 325-2010 (NEMA 4X) compliant photo eye sensors allow for momentary contact operation - useful in parking garages and other high-use openings
  • The 6’ tall light curtain is installed within the guide and blends into the guide construction with trim
  • Standard stainless steel links provide long lasting durability
  • CornellCookson brings nearly 200 years of experience in closure products

Additional Parking Facility Closures

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Frequent access demands closure products that offer higher cycle life and performance reliability. Building codes mandate fire rated closures for openings in walls that separate garages and drive through bays from areas of human occupancy. Whatever your application, we have a closure solution to best suit your needs!

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Why choice MicroCoil? Here are some videos to see why!

Extreme High Performance MicroCoil - 500K Cycle

Compact installation, high performance, high speed, quiet and no vibrations, the perfect parking gate. When you need security in an opening with limited vertical space, our Extreme High Performance MicroCoil - 500K Cycle is the answer. Our compact parking lot security gates are easy to install in new construction as well as retrofit into existing parking structures.

MicroCoil - The Perfect Parking Security Gate

MicroCoil parking grille - quiet, low vibrations, fast, compact, maintenance free - everything you wanted.

What is one of your favorite things about MicroCoil – Noise Reduction

The patented curved stainless steel links nest to make MicroCoil not only the smallest headroom security grille but the way the links are attached prevents the grille from “walking” to make it the quietest and practically no vibrations. Combined with high performance, fast speeds and extreme durability, this makes MicroCoil security grille the ultimate parking garage gate.

MicroCoil - Great for Parking Garages

Heather Bender, Strategic Marketing Manager explains what she likes best about MicroCoil Compact Security Grilles - the fact that they are great for parking garages.

What is one of your favorite things about MicroCoil – Numbered Links

The patented curved stainless steel links nest to make MicroCoil not only the smallest headroom security grille and to keep their design, each link in numbered In this video, Adrienne Reitz explains how that helps, find out more!

MicroCoil has Windload Links, Why?

MicroCoil Security Grille is actually windload designed! Why? Adrienne Reitz explains why it is important

Why MicroCoil is Good for Architects

Siva Davuluri explains all the great advantages MicroCoil offers that other security grilles don't, and why architects are loving this new product.

MicroCoil - Patented Links

The patented curved stainless steel links nest to make MicroCoil the smallest headroom security grille as well as one of the quietest. Combined with high performance, fast speeds and extreme durability, this makes MicroCoil security grille the ultimate parking garage gate.

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