Shattered Windows. Broken Buildings. What Can You Do to Protect Your Facility?



SMASH! Glittering glass sprinkles onto the road, a dangerous decoration that nobody requested. It’s the third window to be broken in the abandoned building in a week, an eyesore that’s getting worse by the day. Neighborhood residents have always scurried past the building, thinking if they don’t look at it, they can pretend it doesn’t exist. But with yet another window smashed in and more glass scattered, it’s getting harder to ignore that the run-down building does exist, and it’s being ransacked. People are concerned the window smashing won’t be confined to the deserted building for much longer. What will happen once the vandals run out of windows to shatter in the decrepit building? Neighbors are worried the next set of broken windows will be their own. And based on The Broken Window Theory, they may be right.


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