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SpectraShield® Ultra™, Galvanex® Ultra™ and CycleShield® Ultra™ Powder Coat Finish

Upgrade your SpectraShield®, Galvanex® or CycleShield® finish with a factory applied protective top coat to keep your finish looking like it did the day it was installed. This polyester-based, textured, wear-resistant clear top coat provides improved durability against deterioration and/or marring of the curtain during regular use as well as providing an increased protection to the curtain in corrosive environment.

SpectraShield® Ultra™ and Galvanex® Ultra™ are available on:

  • Service Doors
  • Thermiser® 
  • Thermiser Max® 
  • Counter Doors
  • Fire Rated Counted Doors
  • Fire Doors
  • Wind-Master® Doors
  • Exam Room Counter Door
  • Insulated Counter Door

CycleShield® Ultra™ is available on:

  • Extreme®  300 Series Door
  • Extreme®  1024 Door