ScreenGard™ Perforated Slat Doors

ScreenGard perforated slats allows for ventilation and visibility while still securing the building. 

ScreenGard is ideal for an applications that needs airflow and/ or insect control in a secure environment.   

ScreenGard Perforated Slats are available in Galvanized Steel and Aluminum. Both materials can be perforated on every slat or every other slat to meet the specific needs of your open space. The open space percentage that is provided applies to a door that has every slat perforated. Alternating slats will decrease the overall airflow by approximately half. 

 Galvanized SteelAluminum 
Service Door Slat20 Gauge16 Gauge
Counter Door Slat22 GaugeN/A
Slat Material GalvanizedClear Anodized
Open Space22%25%
Maximum DBG

25'5" - continuous

45'5" - alternating

20'5" - continuous & alternating


Style and security, together.

The ScreenGard™ Aluminum Aesthetic Package pairs a sleek design with steadfast security. Compact grille guides and a closure plate create a seamless appearance when the door is closed. When open, the door conceals gaps and vanishes into the ceiling, leaving you with a bold, unified look.


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