Emergency Response Rolling Closure Products

Program Number: COR300
Program Credit: 1 Hour - 1.0 AIA/CES Learning Units / HSW
Delivery: Lecture / Slide Presentation with Competency Component – Projection screen or area required.
Cost: None. Cornell will bring this program to architectural firms or chapter meetings.
For AIA LU credit, AIA membership numbers will be required following the program.

Learning Objective

Through education of product availability and applicable code awareness, this program will enable participants to evaluate individual building envelopes and select code compliant Rolling Door Emergency Response Products that will provide life safety for building occupants and property protection for building owners while providing additional attributes such as security, sound attenuation, thermal control, etc. Attendees will learn…

  • About products that enable large functional openings in rated walls while maintaining the fire and/or smoke rating of the wall.
  • How Emergency Response Rolling Door products provide balanced fire protection for building owners.
  • How security-rolling grilles can be used for protection, yet be part of the building’s emergency egress plan.
  • About the governing codes and regulatory bodies that are most directly associated with Emergency Response Rolling Door products.
  • How today’s Fire Door automatic closing systems have evolved to provide convenient and safe routine testing and resetting capabilities.