Integral Frame and Sill | Commercial Door Accessories

Our Rolling Counter Shutters with Integral Frame and Sill are designed with reduced coil, bracket and header size (8" minimum) to fit tight clearances. These shutters provide:

  • Sleek Look: Without the exposed edges of a typical non-integral unit and with the addition of jamb and head trim pieces, this Counter Shutter offers the cleanest look available
  • Easy Installation Process: These slip-in units are ready to be set into existing walls, eliminating the need to coordinate installation during wall construction. Built-in units wrap around both sides of the wall opening and installation can be done while the wall is under construction


Rolling Counter Shutters with Integral Frame and Sill are built to order to fit dimensions based on operation and wall construction:

  • Push Up: Up to 11’ 7” C.O.W. by 5’ C.O.H.
  • Hand Crank: Up to 11’ 6” C.O.W. by 5’ C.O.H.
  • Tube Motor: Up to 11’ 7” C.O.W. by 5’ C.O.H.

For masonry or drywall openings from 4” minimum to 13” max.

Materials & Finishes*

Integral frames are assembled and welded with 16 gauge stainless or steel material, countertops are 14 gauge stainless standard, with plastic laminate optional. Stainless material is 300 series #4 finish, steel frames are powder coated.

Click here for additional material and finishes options and information.

*Finish/gauge availability varies. Contact us for detailed finish/gauge availability.

Mounting Options

  • Between Jambs: Coil mounted within the opening with minimal projection beyond the wall
  • Slip-In: May be set into finished walls, eliminating the need to coordinate unit installation while constructing the wall. Trim is provided for the unfinished side of the unit
  • Built-In: Wrap around and trim the wall on both sides. Built-in units are installed while the wall is being constructed
  • Face of Wall: Available with non-rated units


    Alternate Sill Options

  • No Sill: Choose the no sill option when the seamless look of an integral frame unit is desired, but a countertop already exists or will be provided by another trade.
  • Plastic Laminate Sill:Finish selections are available from a full range of Wilsonart® or Formica® plastic laminates. Nevamar® or Pioinite® available, and if selected, require additional lead time and cost.