Firemiser Insulated Fire Door

Model ERD20

When you need both fire and environmental protection, you need a Firemiser Insulated Fire Door.  This includes:

  • Fire wall openings where the door is frequently closed and sound attenuation is desired
  • Exterior openings that have fire-protection requirements
  • Buildings that are designed for future expansion with an exterior wall planned to become an interior, fire barrier wall

The Firemiser Insulated Fire Door provides up to 4 hours of UL rated fire protection plus:

  • Security – Rolling steel offers superior security for both internal and external openings
  • Sound Attenuation - A Sound Transmission Class rating of up to 27 STC (based on testing a complete, operable door assembly) makes Firemiser's mineral wool insulated curtain an excellent choice to maintain fire wall integrity and reduce decibel levels
  • Climate Control - Firemiser's insulated curtain yields an R-value of 5 that can be combined with full perimeter seals for use at exterior or interior openings whenever fire protection and environmental separation is required

Standard Sizes:

Standard construction covers openings up to 30’ wide, 22’ high.  

For openings that fall outside of standard construction sizes, please contact us.

Standard Materials & Finishes


Interlocking interior and exterior metal slats:

  • R-value of 5 as calculated using the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals

Slats are filled with 7/8" thick mineral wool insulation:

  • Flame Spread Index of 0
  • Smoke Developed Index of 10 as tested per ASTM E84
  • CFC-free process with an Ozone Depletion Potential rating of 0

Slats available in:

Galvanized Steel

Exterior Slat Gauge

Interior Slat Gauge

GalvaNex Color



Gray, Tan, White, Brown



Gray, Tan


Stainless Steel

Exterior Slat Gauge

Interior Slat Gauge






Click here for additional material and finishes options and information.

*Finish/gauge availability varies.   Contact us for detailed finish/gauge availability or special requests.