Hurricane Security Shutters for Schools and Universities

Whether you’re building an elementary school that needs corridor security for after-hours activities or a university dining hall with the need for a service window closure, we’ve got you covered.


Commercial Doors for Schools & Universities

School should be a safe, secure place for students to learn and grow. It's also a place where students socialize and community groups gather. You need flexible solutions to transform common areas of the school, such as the gym and cafeteria, based on the intended use of the space. You also want to be able to section off certain areas of the building when necessary to prevent unauthorized access.

Whether you’re building an elementary school that needs corridor security for after-hours activities, a high school with a large gym or auditorium, or a university dining hall with the need for a service window closure, we’ve got you covered.





Exterior Solutions for Schools

The last state you want to be in at your school or university is an unprepared one when a severe weather event is on the horizon. At Cornell, we’re here for you with our StormDefender® Door. StormDefender is ideal in school or university settings because of its versatility and durability. This rolling storm shutter remains virtually invisible, providing a convenient way to enhance your facility’s aesthetic appeal. When in use, StormDefender transforms a public space into a storm shelter, protecting building occupants from hurricanes, tornadoes, and other severe weather events.

StormDefender meets International Code Council (ICC) 500 standards and Federal Emergency Management Agency publication 361 (FEMA P-361) standards for storm shelters.




StormDefender® hurricane security shutters for schools are sleek and can be installed into precast concrete as a seamless addition. Our school security shutters close quietly and form an interlocking design that provides protection against winds up to 250 mph when in use. When combined with our award-winning AlarmGard® system, setting up automatic deployment for StormDefender is a simple task.

Whether you’re looking to offer protection in a community center, K-12 school, college or university, police station, fire or EMS rescue station, emergency call center, or another application that would benefit from a storm shelter, we’ve got you covered with StormDefender.

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We offer a wide range of customization options for aesthetic appeal and design. These shutters feature a steel curtain and a hood, bracket, guide, and bottom bar in galvanized steel that can be color-matched to the curtain. Our durable SpectraShield® powder coat finish is available in over 180 colors to match your style and show your school spirit.




In addition to proven protection from tornadoes and hurricane-force winds, our American Security Today 2019 Astor Silver Award winner delivers benefits such as:

  • Versatility: Our security shutters can cover double doors and large windows, allowing you to transform virtually any space into a secure storm shelter without a claustrophobic feel.
  • Fit: All our StormDefender® hurricane security shutters are custom made for your opening. Large dimensions are available to accommodate your needs.
  • ProtectionThese These security shutters provide protection from debris and have patent-pending windlocks designed to withstand the most extreme weather.
  • Safety: The AlarmGard® motor activates a flashing strobe light and an audible alarm to alert anyone in the vicinity of an emergency, prompting them to move to safety.
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MicroCoil Security Grilles Straight Pattern B

Interior Solutions for Schools

Many rooms in a school building, such as gymnasiums, auditoriums, and cafeterias, serve multiple purposes. Even in schools that have multiple lunch periods each day, the entire lunchtime typically only takes an hour or two. That leaves several hours when the cafeteria can sit empty or be put to another use, such as a space for study hall or a meeting place for after-school clubs.

The same is true for the school auditorium. Your school might have one or two major assemblies each month. The rest of the time, the auditorium may be repurposed as a place for band or drama practice. You need solutions that protect these larger spaces, partitioning off certain areas or dividing a large space into smaller rooms.

We offer several solutions that provide sound and space separation, including rolling counter shutters and insulated doors.

Rolling Counter Shutters

Our custom rolling counter shutters offer an ideal solution for multifunctional school cafeterias. The shutters either rest above a countertop or extend to the floor, separating the concessions area from the seating area. They are designed to block off the snack area when not in use, keeping the inventory inside secure and reducing theft of any cash in the registers.

These rolling counter shutters are designed to exceed the demands of commercial use. The doors can open and close via a hand crank, motor or push-up design.

You have the option of showing some school spirit with the counter shutters by choosing your school's colors for their coating. SpectraShield® coating is available in a range of more than 180 colors.

For added protection, consider fire-rated counter shutters that offer up to three hours of protection. The shutters will close automatically if a fire alarm sounds or in the event of an extended power failure. An optional SmokeShield® package keeps smoke and drafts under control, while ADA-compliant annunciators provide audible and visual signals when a fire door is activated. 

Insulated Roll-up Doors

Gyms and auditoriums are ideal for times when you need to gather the entire student body or organize community events. During the average school day, you may wish to divide these large rooms into smaller, more manageable spaces. Roll-up doors make it easy to do so. 

Insulated roll-up doors consist of interlocking, steel slats that create a solid curtain. They install above an opening, rather than in a pocket in the wall, so they're useful in areas where space is at a premium. When closed, the doors increase the security of a room. They also offer excellent sound isolation.

Loading Docks & Storage

Larger educational institutions teach a lot of students, but they must also manage a lot of material.  Some universities are larger than towns, with frequent deliveries and significant materials handling and storage.   Dining halls, campus bookstores and maintenance buildings are just a few areas likely to have receiving and storage areas with closure needs.

Corridor Safety for Schools

While schools and universities see the most activity during the weekdays, they aren't completely empty on weekends or in the evenings. After school hours, community organizations often use school classrooms as meeting places. Students may need to visit the campus on weekends to use the library for studying or project preparation.

For safety and security, you don't want to leave all the halls of the school open during off-hours. You also don't want to close off the entire building. Roll-up grilles allow you to control who goes where and when. 

Grilles are metal barriers that stretch across a corridor. You can lower them when you want to block access to an area, such as a hall of classrooms, while leaving open access to another part of the building, such as the school gym. You can open and close the grilles after school hours when people will be attending sporting events or activities.

In some areas, you may want to limit access while ensuring students are safe. CrossingGard® Grilles offer a solution. These grilles limit access to secure areas but will automatically open to allow egress in the event of a fire. 


Schools are often the heart of a community. Keep your educational facility safe, secure, and flexible by installing the right commercial doors. StormDefender® school security shutters meet building requirements and provide students and faculty with a safe location during natural disasters. Insulated roll-up doors let you split up multipurpose rooms into several spaces, and roll-up security grilles allow you to contract access to certain areas of a building. Counter shutters keep concession areas safe.

All of our commercial door products are available through your local Cornell dealer.

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We are thrilled with how this door looks.

We are thrilled with how this door looks. The level of detail that’s been captured so clearly in the image on this large door is incredible. Mark Worman
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