No matter if you’re trying to prevent a storefront smash-and-grab theft or find a loading dock door that can withstand heavy use, we have the right closure solution for your retail needs.


Store within a Store

There are often smaller stores within larger stores.  Think of pharmacy counters in drug stores, hair salons in a big box store, or a bank branch in a grocery store.  Often, these stores within a store are open fewer hours than the main store and, as such, must implement a closure solution to secure the area when not open for business.   

Rolling Counter Shutters

Our Rolling Counter Shutters provide full-door security with smaller, and more aesthetically pleasing, slats, guides, brackets and hoods ideal for compact spaces.  A Counter Shutter can come with or without locks, and is even available in a slip-in model that is fast to install and looks built-in.

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Rolling Security Grilles

Our wide variety of grille options work best in store-within-a-store applications where you want a visual deterrent without sacrificing visibility into the main store’s area.  

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