Firemiser Specifications

Please note that the selection process is not automatically validated and opposing selections are possible. If you have specific questions about selecting or specifying Cornell products, please contact our Architectural Design Support team at or 800.233.8366 x 4551.

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Wind Load:

Curtain Material (Listed Exterior/Interior skin):

Exterior Skin Finish

Interior Skin Finish

Bottom Bar Material, finish


Steel Bracket Finish:


UL Classified Smoke Protection

Locking - Fire Doors are not normally locked, but may be if desired. Consult Cornell for other locking options.

Options - Check desired


Motor Operator Control Stations - Consult Cornell for other Control Station Options.

UL 325 Compliant Entrapment Protection for Motor Operated Units Only:

Secondary Entrapment Protection Devices for Motor Operated Units Only


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